Terms & Conditions

The Agreement:


1)We agree to supply and install the products as indicated on the proforma invoice/contract.



2)You agree to pay for the goods.



3)The terms below are included in the sale.



4) No variation of these terms will be recognised unless in writing signed by both you and theDirector of the Company.



5)Your statutory rights are not affected by our terms of trade.




1)The agreement is conditional upon our full survey and measurement of the estimated works.


2)We will make an appointment for our surveyor to visit you. You must allow our surveyoraccess to your premises for inspection. Our surveyor will probably have many appointmentson the same day and he may be held up so it is not possible to give an estimate of his time ofarrival.


3)If the surveyor advises us that installation is not feasible for any reason, we will notify you inwriting and will return any deposit you have paid and the agreement will come to an endwithout further obligation.


4)Any variation to the sizes given or measured need to be in writing before products areordered.


Price & Payment:


1)The price includes VAT at the prevailing rate. If the rate of VAT changes between now and installation any additional VAT will be payable.


2)A deposit of 35% is required prior to survey to enable us to proceed with the order. The final 65% balance will become payable 24 hours before installation or delivery. With card payments we will require the final balance 72 hours prior to installation or delivery.


3)For jobs that require BGS to form openings and building work we may require stage payments to be agreed with client prior to commencing works


4)The price will be increased to cover any extras requested by you, variations, additional fixings or additional work caused by adverse physical conditions, for example unusual obstructions or groundworks.


5)Any insurance work must be paid for by the customer and then they claim it back from the insurance company.



6)Under no circumstances will any deduction from the original contract be permitted unless confirmed in writing by the Director of the company.



7)Payment must be paid, if the fitting cannot be carried out due to other events once the fitting has been scheduled.



8)No warranties or guarantees will be issued until full and final payment has been made.



9)All goods remain the property of Bespoke Glazing Systems Ltd until full and final payment has been made.



10)Supply only orders will be expected to make their own arrangements for measuring and Bespoke Glazing systems will not accept any liability if sizes are incorrect.



11)Supply only orders will need to be paid for in full the day before delivery.


12)Damages and scratches must be brought to Bespoke attention in writing on the day ofinstallation or we will not be held responsible.




1)After your order has been checked, we will advise you of the estimated installation date.Sometimes orders are held up in our factory or installers encounter unforeseen problems on a previous day’s installation. Whilst we try to ensure installation takes place on the 2nd indicated date, this is an estimated date only. We will however, endeavour to notify you atthe earliest opportunity if it is likely that installation will be delayed.


2)Sometimes our installers experience unforeseen problems which mean that the estimatedtime for completion of your installation is overrun. You will appreciate that, largely, thesematters will be outside of our control.




1)During the course of installation there will be some disturbance and dust. You are advised to clear each room and access to it before our installers arrive. We cannot accept responsibility for damage to any of your possessions left in the room in which we are working. We do not take down or re-fit curtains or blinds to your windows or disconnect or reconnect any alarm system to your doors/windows - this must be undertaken by you prior to fitting.


2)We must have access to a standard electricity supply.


3)We will make good any plaster, floor, brickwork or rendering immediately surrounding any installation, but we cannot undertake to repair damage to surrounding tiling, wallpaper or paintwork or to remove intact any panes of glass or frames from old fittings which you have asked us to retain.



4)Whilst we will endeavour to ensure any making-good matches existing finishes we will not be able to guarantee this, particularly where weathering has occurred or because of non-availability of matching materials.



5)It may not be possible for our surveyor to detect any structural instability or defect in your property. We will not be liable for any damage resulting from existing structural or other defects in your property. If structural problems are discovered to exist you must still pay the price in full even if we are not able to complete the installation in the way envisaged. If we have to alter the installation because of structural problems an additional charge may be made.

6)If any goods are found to be damaged or faulty, Bespoke Glazing Systems Ltd will repair or replace the product.


7)Trims and finishes are not deemed to be included unless otherwise agreed and stated on the contract.


Warranties and Exclusions:


1)PVC and Aluminium frames carry a Manufacturer’s 10 year Guarantee.

2)Glass sealed units carry the Manufacturer’s 10 year Guarantee.

3)All hardware, i.e. lock, hinges, handles, etc. carry the Manufacturer’s 1 year


4)All glass sealed units supplied by us will be free from defects (other than minor matters notaffecting their use or performance) in material and workmanship under normal use andservice. This warranty will be honoured by us at any time up to 10 years from the installation date.

5)Should any frame, sealed unit, or hardware be found defective in material or workmanshipduring the guarantee period then we will, at our option, either repair it or replace it free ofcharge. All repairs carried out after expiry of guarantee will be chargeable.


6)We will not be liable to you for minor imperfections, loss of use, loss of your time,inconvenience or any other loss or damage consequential or otherwise.


7)Responsibility cannot be accepted for defects resulting from wear and tear, accident,improper use or use by you otherwise than in accordance with our instructions or advice orin respect of any components which have been adjusted, modified or repaired otherwisethan by us.


8)Any claim against us must be made promptly; in particular, you must advise us of any initialdefects in our products within 30 days of installation and you must confirm your complaintin writing quoting the order number in all correspondence.


9)No claim against us will be entertained for any defect arising from any groundworks or otherbuilding work carried out by you or your contractors in association with the installation ofour products. You must procure your contractor to indemnify us in writing, prior toinstallation, for any loss we suffer by their failure or delay. Building works must be executedto the dimensions and measurements shown in our drawings.


10)You will be responsible for obtaining all planning permissions, listed building or conservationarea consents and building regulation approvals unless you instruct us to apply for theseconsents on your behalf. You agree to indemnify and keep us indemnified against any loss,delay or expense including, but not limited to, loss of profit if works are halted by the localauthority.


11)We cannot be held liable for any loss or damage caused by delay in the performance or non-performance of our obligations to you where occasioned by any cause that is beyond ourcontrol. Should an event beyond our control occur which means that we are unable to fulfilyour order we may cancel or at our option suspend the order without incurring liability forloss but if the order is cancelled your deposit will be returned in full and you will not beunder any further obligation.


12)The guarantee will be invalidated immediately should the product show evidence of impact,mishandling or tampering, unnatural chemical corrosion or use contrary to its intendedpurpose. This excludes required general maintenance of the product.


13)Under no circumstances shall the company be liable for any direct or consequential losses,however caused.


Cancellation Security and Interest:


1)After you have signed the agreement you will not be able to cancel it without our priorwritten consent.


2)If you have previously notified us of an application to a finance company for a loan anddespite having used your best endeavours, the finance company refuses that loan thenproviding you produce to us written evidence of that refusal we will agree to cancel theagreement and will then return your deposit to you and you will not be under any furtherobligation.


3)Deposits are non-refundable unless agreed in writing with the company director or Bespoke cannot deliver the agreed goods.


4)Recognising that your order will be specially manufactured for your property and it isimpractical for us to make use of the units once manufactured, if you apply to cancel theagreement after your order has been placed into the manufacturing process, we will only
agree to a cancellation of the agreement upon payment of the balance of the contract price which will be deemed due immediately upon cancellation.


5)If you try to make contact with our suppliers regarding any factors of the contract that wehave between ourselves, your contract will become null and void and your deposit andinterim payments will not be refunded.


6)Interest will be charged on any amount unpaid by the due date at the rate of 3% per month.


7)If you request suspension of the order or fail to allow installation or installation is delayed orprevented by lack of planning consents or by associated building works not carried out by us,in each case for a period greater than six months from the date of this agreement, wereserve the right to increase the price to account for the delay.


8)If any amount is outstanding after thirty days of the date due we reserve the right to levy anadministration charge equal to 4% of the value of your order to cover our additionalexpenses.


9)Legal action will be taken should payment in full (including interest, additions andadministration charges) not be received within sixty days of the date of our invoice. You willbe responsible for all legal fees incurred on full indemnity basis.




1)The fitting of double glazing units will not itself eliminate condensation. This is dependent upon the environment within your property. We cannot guarantee condensation in your property will be eliminated.



2)Glass used in our units is of the best quality reasonably obtainable. Minor imperfections caused during the process of manufacture are not warranted by our glass manufacturers. Therefore we do not accept liability to replace glazing having minor imperfections.



3)BGS are guided by the NHBC and the Glass and glazing federation guidelines.


Demonstrating Samples:


1)We proudly maintain a policy of continuous improvement of all our products. This meanswe may take modifications or improvements to our products from time to time so that your order may not be exactly the same as any representative’s or showroom samples that mayhave been shown or demonstrated to you.


Scottish Law:


1)The agreement is subject to and interpreted in accordance with Scottish Law and in the event of dispute jurisdiction in any legal proceedings will be in our local County Court.



2)To the extent that any one or more of the provisions of these terms or a part of any term is prohibited by any applicable law those provisions or that part to that extent will be ineffective without invalidating or modifying the remaining terms (or part of that term) which will continue to apply in full as if the provisions which are prohibited had not been included in these terms. If a provision may be modified so as not to be prohibited then the provision will be construed with that modification in order for it to be effective.