The Main Differences Between uPVC, Timber and Aluminium Bifold Doors

Bifold doors are a popular option when choosing a home improvement project for a property. With a range of materials to choose from including uPVC, timber and aluminium there are different benefits to each material. As a lightweight, durable and sustainable option, aluminium can provide a practical and stylish choice. uPVC also offers similar benefits as it can be recycled and reused. Providing a classic look, timber is also a frequently selected option for bifold doors however it does not have the same benefits from a durability standpoint as uPVC or aluminium.

There are a range of reasons why bi-fold doors add value to a property including that they provide a practical, versatile and stylish design. Properly installed double-glazed bifold doors provide the option to maximise natural light in a living space while not compromising on insulation. By opening completely into the garden bifold doors integrate outdoor and indoor spaces in the warmer months and provide insulation to ensure that a house can be heated efficiently in the colder months. Overall, folding patio doors can improve indoor spaces and help make better use of garden space.

Read more for some information on the main differences between uPVC, timber and aluminium bifold doors.

White framed bifold doors

Aluminium Folding Doors

Aluminium bifold doors provide a modern, aesthetic finish for homes and business premises. One of the main advantages of modern bifold door designs is their versatility. Offering a modern, sleek solution to providing natural light in living spaces throughout the winter, it is crucial that bifold doors can easily and seamlessly open up to outdoor spaces when required. This has applications for both businesses and homes with bifold doors providing an easy option to maximise space by opening alfresco dining with well-insulated doors ensuring that energy is used efficiently throughout the year. Where businesses have a sustainability focus aluminium bifold doors are popular as the frames are recyclable.

From an aesthetic standpoint, aluminium fits well with both modern and traditional properties providing a sleek and understated design. As the long-lasting efficient function of bifold doors is crucial to their value, aluminium doors provide a cost-effective option to achieve the best low-maintenance outcome in the long term. Due to the strength of aluminium, this is also a good option for bifold doors as it ensures that large panes of double glazing are held in place. The resilience of aluminium also means that the insulation provided will be long-lasting. With the range of benefits provided from a standpoint of both style and functionality, the installation of aluminium bifold doors is an increasingly popular choice to add value to a property.

One factor when choosing an aluminium door is the sightline. These are the structural elements of the door frame that will intersect the glass panes. As a result of the strength and resilience of aluminium as a material, the sightlines can be smaller on aluminium bifold doors than doors using materials such as uPVC and timber. This offers a significant advantage from a design standpoint as well as ensuring that more natural light will be allowed into a property. Aluminium bifold doors are available in a range of colours to match the design needs of a project with aluminium doors retaining their finish far more than other commonly used materials.

uPVC Double Glazed Doors

As a material, uPVC is durable and low-maintenance with a long-lasting finish. From a sustainability standpoint, uPVC doors and windows are also a good option as this material is recyclable and low-maintenance providing high-quality insulation for many years after insulation. With many homes having uPVC windows and doors, the addition of uPVC bifold doors can contribute to providing a cohesive finish for a property. With similar long-lasting durability to aluminium doors, the cost-effectiveness of uPVC doors places them as a popular choice.

When choosing high-quality fixtures and fittings to improve the value of a property one of the key considerations is maintenance costs. Both aluminium and uPVC offer excellent long-term value from this standpoint. Where some wooden materials for doors can lead to changes in the smooth operation of a door depending on the weather conditions, aluminium and uPVC doors both offer consistently smooth and efficient operation in this regard.

Timber Bifold Doors

Another option for bifold doors uses timber as the main material. This can provide a good option for a classic and traditional look with a wide range of designs available. Wood is also a naturally insulating material which can provide similar benefits to uPVC and aluminium doors from a standpoint of improving a household’s energy efficiency. With timber doors, there is also a wide range of options for different finishes to meet the design needs of each individual project. Other options integrate the benefits of wooden doors and synthetic doos with a composite material. This approach maintains the benefits of wooden doors while providing key improvements to durability and the strength of materials that are used.

There are a number of reasons, however, why doors using uPVC and aluminium frames can provide a preferable option. One of the main reasons is durability. The strength and resilience provided by aluminium doors mean that they can often be a preferable option. As a material, aluminium also does not warp or change shape significantly. This is important for bifold doors where it is important that the shape and design are maintained from a functionality standpoint. There are also sustainability benefits to aluminium and uPVC doors. As aluminium is 100% recyclable, it is one of the best choices as a material to be used in eco-friendly home improvement projects. The colour of timber doors can also fade over time with uPVC and aluminium options providing an alternative with a long-lasting finish.

Choosing A Type Of Bifold Door

Often the decision to choose between different materials can depend on the other materials used in window and door frames throughout a property. Choosing the same materials can often be a good step to create a cohesive and modern finish for a property. This finish can also be achieved by opting for the design versatility offered by aluminium-framed doors. One of the main benefits of aluminium bifold doors is that they are available in a wide range of colours to match the design needs of a property. Combined with a long-lasting sleek finish this can provide a high-quality practical upgrade to homes and business premises.

Another advantage of aluminium bifold doors is the security benefits. In installing folding patio doors it is important that security is not compromised and the strong frames, tough double-glazing and multi-point locking mechanisms available for aluminium doors can ensure that security is enhanced with this home improvement installation. From a standpoint of functionality, it is also important to choose a material that will retain its form and structure in all weather conditions ensuring that the bifold door installation is low-maintenance and long-lasting. In addition to these benefits, aluminium frames are also easy to clean.

Our range of high-quality aluminium bifold doors at Bespoke Bifolds & Glazing Systems includes the Visofold 1000 and Visofold 6000. Both options maximise functionality and style allowing in natural light whilst providing a compact design when fully open. Our experienced team can help you to determine which option is best for your home or business premises with the Visofold 1000 and Visofold 6000 both offering an innovative, secure and long-lasting design. These models are available in over 200 colour options and we also provide efficient and cost-effective installation. Our two aluminium door models prioritise energy efficiency with all models including double-glazing as standard.

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