Making Your Home More Sustainable

Sustainability means maintaining a consistent level of output and input over an extended period. More and more governments, communities, and households are recognising the need for better sustainability practices to support carbon neutrality. Below you can find some simple ways to upgrade your home and make it more sustainable, progressive, and add value to the property.

Read more for some further information on the key steps that can be taken to improve the sustainability of your home.

Double glazing

Home Sustainability

Home sustainability is more desirable than ever before, thanks to rising energy costs and growing concerns about environmental protection. Whether your home is a new build or a traditional building, you can make changes to make your home more efficient and affordable.

Why not make some small changes to your home that optimises your energy usage and costs, and reduce your carbon output, supporting the global push towards carbon neutrality? The good news is you don’t need a complete retrofit; all you have to do is change windows and doors.

Double Glazed Windows

In general, 18% of heat loss in the home occurs through windows, and single-glazed windows lose heat twice as fast as double-glazed ones. Since it’s increasingly expensive to generate heat in the home - especially through winter - double glazing is a sensible and progressive idea.

Double-glazed windows can be installed in a few days, and you don’t have to change the way your home looks. Simply update existing windows with double-glazed versions and enjoy lower heating bills and less condensation on the glass. The windows also increase the home’s value.

Bi-fold Doors

Nowadays, one of the primary factors in deciding on home updates is how eco-friendly a product is, so how do bi-fold doors rate on a scale of sustainability? The answer is pretty well, depending on the materials used, the installation, and the build quality. Let’s take a closer look.

Typically, bi-fold doors are used for patios; they are folding doors that make it easy to open up the interior of the home and enjoy an outdoor area. If glass, double-glazed doors are the best option, and while wood is less sustainable, it’s more insulating. Again, it improves property value.

Integrated Blinds

Whether it’s for your windows or your bi-fold doors, integrated blinds help to make your home more sustainable and convenient. Integrated blinds are a special form of blind that is installed between the panes of glass on a double-glazed window. They help with the insulation and more.

While integrated blinds can reduce heat loss from the room and create an additional barrier inside the glass, they are also incredibly convenient. Integrated blinds create more space in your home and allow you to adjust your light levels by switching a button on the window frame.

Home Improvements

If you think a lot of heat is lost through your windows, then consider the roof. In most homes, around one-quarter of all heat is lost in this way, so it makes sense to insulate your roof as much as possible. Why not improve your home with a loft conversion that gives you more space upstairs and provides improved insulation? It makes your home more sustainable overall.

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