Choosing Between Aluminium Frame Or UPVC Windows

Double-glazed windows can provide a wide range of benefits including insulation, noise reduction and improvements in security. When installing double-glazed windows there is a range of options for window frames offering differing benefits. Two of the most common options for window materials are aluminium and uPVC. uPVC is a low-maintenance, cost-effective and durable option. Aluminium is also very durable and offers similar benefits in terms of providing high-quality insulation. Both aluminium and uPVC windows are fantastic options when it comes to reducing energy costs and providing long-lasting insulation.

For more information on the differing benefits of uPVC-frame and aluminium-frame windows, read more below.

uPvc windows

Aluminium Frame

Aluminium windows are a long-lasting option providing effective insulation for up to 40 years after installation. As a material, aluminium offers significant resistance to different weather conditions. This is a clear benefit over wooden window frames. In addition to the practical benefits, aluminium windows are also a stylish option providing an understated and modern look to a property. As a lightweight material, it is possible in some instances for aluminium frames to be less bulky than alternative options adding to its versatility for a range of styles of property.

Windows made of aluminium are also popular among commercial buildings. The lightweight and durability of this material mean that aluminium windows present a good long-term investment from a perspective of energy efficiency and sustainability. Aluminium is also recyclable which adds to its appeal as an environmentally-friendly choice for double-glazed windows. The durability of aluminium windows means that they represent one of the most affordable options for window installation over the long term.

uPVC Windows

uPVC windows can offer insulation for up to 20 years after installation presenting a cost-effective and low-maintenance route to improved energy efficiency within a property. It is often possible to opt for significant customisation with uPVC windows making it possible to choose bespoke windows tailored to your property’s specific requirements. uPVC windows are also a great option to provide a cohesive and modern look throughout your home.

Many materials used in uPVC windows are also recyclable meaning that they are a sustainable option. One drawback of some windows is that they can start to fade when exposed to UV light. The coating on uPVC windows means that they will retain their colour and look over a long period of time. When building a conservatory many people will opt for uPVC windows and doors to ensure that heat is not lost and the use of this space can be maximised throughout the whole year.

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