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For maximising the amount of light into your business premises and wowing the clientele, curtain walling delivers in spades. To enquire, get in touch with our team at Bespoke Bifolds & Glazing Systems today. We're based in both Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Curtain walling specialists

You know what a well-lit work environment does for productivity. It also makes for a more pleasant environment when it comes to client meet-and-greets. But how to reconcile that with the structure of your premises? That's where our curtain walling comes in. We supply, fit, repair and maintain curtain walling systems and all that comes at an affordable price. With guidance available should you need it and given our satisfaction guarantee, you're in the right hands with Bespoke Bifolds & Glazing Systems.

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What does it offer?

Our curtain walling option is ideal for both multi-storey structures and roof areas too. Multiple glazing options are available as well as various window and door configurations. The results are always easy on the eye and the system allows for natural light to enter every facet of your property. Curtain walling can come either sloped or facet-shaped and as the transoms are always concealed, what's offered to the world outside is a seamless finish. Given how thermal efficient our curtain walling is and the fact that it's CWCT certified too, we can offer a solution that delivers on every level.

Why our curtain walling?

  • Multiple applications

  • Different glazing options available

  • Doors incorporated

  • Sloped and facet-shaped options

  • Quick installation

  • Seamless finish

  • Thermally efficient

  • CWCT certified

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Sliding glass door onto bedroom in modern house

Get the right look for your business

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