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Secure quality aluminium sliding doors, commercial aluminium doors and domestic aluminium doors for your property with help from Bespoke Bifolds & Glazing Systems in Glasgow and Edinburgh. To enquire, speak to a member of our team today.

Aluminium Bifold Doors | A Wall Of Glass You Can Open 

Strong, easy to operate and boasting impressive sightlines, our aluminium sliding doors have a number of benefits whether you're prioritising looks or functionality. We manufacture in line with the highest quality standards and take care of the installation too for a seamless, end-to-end service. With all our commercial aluminium doors and domestic aluminium doors priced competitively, you're not paying a premium and given our satisfaction guarantee, we promise that you'll be happy with the end result. Take a look at our range of aluminium doors available below.

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The Ultraglide

The Ultraglide aluminium sliding door is ideal for commercial properties, especially if you're in the vehicle market and you need a large aperture for vehicle access. However, it's also suitable for the home. As a bespoke aluminium bifold door, the Ultraglide can also double as a glass wall and yet retain an opening for access to other areas. It boasts a modern aesthetic and offers good insulation too. As well as the range of dual colour options, you can also have the Ultraglide aluminium bifold door in both standard and non-standard finishes.

The Slide 2000

The Slide 200 aluminium bifold door is a slimline option, meaning bigger sightlines and a more impressive view of that outdoor space. Panes can either be double or tripled-glazed, meaning enhanced insulation and the dual colour profiles and multiple finish options mean you can always match your property's existing aesthetic. They're also a lot of configurations to choose from and the various locking mechanisms available means that Slide 2000 aluminium bifold doors are never a weak link when it comes to the overall security of your property.

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Sliding glass door onto bedroom in modern house

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The Visoglide Plus

The Visoglide Plus aluminium bifold door solution looks great in any contemporary setting, whether it's your home or your business premises. It has excellent insulation properties and the overall unit presents a tough barrier to any external threat, whether it's the elements or otherwise. As well as both single and dual colour options, you've also got standard and non-standard finishes to choose from (including textured colours). Slide and lift and slide mechanisms are available and you can even opt for an automatic opening system for an additional free. Given that we can colour-match any accessory and that the Visoglide Plus aluminium bifold door is built in line with the British Standard Kitemarked system (KM 530838 PAS: 24:2012), you've got a sliding door here that exceeds on every level.